GREENCITIES – Urban Intelligence and Sustainability

Last week EV Assist had the fantastic opportunity to attend the Greencities forum held for the 10th consecutive year in Málaga, Spain. Greencities is a meeting point for all the agents involved in Smart Cities construction. It is a forum that was especially created to talk about future cities, and it is an initiative shared among institutions, municipalities, businesses and professionals. Málaga runs in 3rd place after Madrid and Barcelona for pioneering Smart Cities of Spain.

For EV Assist this was a great opportunity to be in the presence of multinational companies, that Greencities had integrated along with 3000 people registered to attend. The widest and most updated offer of products, services, solutions and specialized tools for the advanced management of cities and territories. And not forgetting; in addition, of the role of Start-ups and innovative entrepreneurship.
Companies such as Telefónica, Endesa and Kapsch acted as tractors of a business network that has deployed the potential of information and communication technologies (ICT), connected devices -Internet of Things- and the 5G development for a more efficient and sustainable urban management.
Multinationals such as Bigbelly, NEC, Bosch, Nedgia, Itron, Oracle, Quistor and Toyota Hybrid, among others, as well as Smart City Cluster companies, were also present.
Walking around you could enjoy presentation of prototypes and pioneering solutions such as streetlights that incorporate defibrillators and charging points for electric vehicles, or smart and digitalized wastebaskets that are charged with solar energy, compact waste and automatically notify the system of garbage collection.
May it be that we are connected via 5G development or we are using solar energy charged waste baskets… The best thing about these events is that every solution shares the same goal; the projection of sustainable and smart cities!