“Digital First” What’s it about and Why’s it needed?

We’ve all heard that first impressions last a lifetime. In the modern age, a company’s opportunity to make a good first impression is happening in the digital world. This is the single most important moment that a company has to create that first bond with a customer.

According to the Digital Market Institute: “It’s essential to have a digital-first approach to branding is that consumers expect brands to be responsive on digital platforms. In fact, 60% consider it a bad customer experience if they don’t get a response after reaching out to a brand on a social network, and 84% expect a response within 24 hours. Furthermore, if customers are using social platforms like Facebook to reach out to you for satisfaction or resolution with a problem and you don’t respond quickly, half will never do business with you again.”
What these numbers say is that more than half of your customers will never return to use your service if that first experience isn’t pretty much perfect. Digital technology facilitates customer management, allows us to collect customer data and use it to create better experiences, which is why multi-channel contact centre solutions are tied to positive customer experiences to revenue.
At EV Assist we offer tailored, fully featured solutions powered by cloud; scalable solutions that allow our customers to be flexible in the way they meet every driver’s needs across physical and digital channels. We believe the driver should be at the centre of everything we do and together we can offer limitless power to the driver, no matter the channel!