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We are passionate about our work and inspired by our mission to accelerate the transition to eMobility

We are passionate about our work and inspired by our team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are fast chargers AC or DC?2019-07-15T00:32:05+00:00

Fast chargers are primarily DC. There are a couple of fast AC chargers out there, though! These AC fast chargers can reach up to 43KWh.

Do slow chargers have a cable or not?2019-07-15T00:27:27+00:00

Slow chargers are all untethered or in simple English, they do not have a cable attached. Bring your own cable!

Are slow chargers AC or DC?2019-07-15T00:22:43+00:00

Slow chargers are all AC. DC is reserved to Fast Chargers!

Which are the usual charging speeds?2019-07-15T00:20:07+00:00

Typical slow charging rates are: 3KWh . 7KWh . 22KWh

What is slow charging?2019-07-15T00:08:06+00:00

Slow charging is really simple to understand. Any charge below 22KWh is considered slow. 

Can we bring our own ticketing system with us?2019-07-07T01:38:31+00:00

Sure! All that hard work you’ve put into creating your own ticketing system hasn’t been in vain…

What if we are not receiving that many calls? Will a fee-per-connector still apply?2019-07-07T01:38:41+00:00

Don’t worry! We have the pricing model just for you. How does a reduced per-connector fee & a low per-min fee sound to you?

Do you operate on a dedicated agent basis?2019-07-07T01:38:14+00:00

No, we don’t – but only because all our agents are fully dedicated to eMobility. You’ll benefit from all the knowledge we collect from drivers all over Europe.

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