Innovative communication technologies

Finally a charging network your customers can trust – and they choose how to contact you!

  • Phone

  • Social Media

  • Chatbots

  • Email

What we offer

Contact Centre solution for the eMobility industry.


With access to your customer portal, you’ll be able to track KPIs as well as your customers’ experience every time they choose to use your network.

Monitoring &

Our infrastructure-Management-as-a-Service solution will help you monitor  your network’s performance and proactively minimise downtime.

Charging for

Whether a driver has subscribed to your service or not, our pay-by-phone service will make sure any driver can access and pay for your service.


Your drivers will be able to get in touch with you on any channel of their choice, whether that is over phone, social media, bots, self-service platforms and more.


We’ve designed flexible payments plans to suit the needs of CPOs and EMPs, because one size does not fit all. Pay per socket, and that’s it!


We learn from  every call and we share our findings with our customers. We do so through the most extensive Knowledge Base in the industry.

Contact Centre Services

For smaller CPOs and large EMPs alike, we have a contact centre plan to suit your specific needs.

  • Business Hours

  • Out-of-Hours

  • 24/7

Infrastructure Management

We provide Active Monitoring of your network so an issue with a charger doesn’t become a problem with a driver.

  • OCPI-compliant back-office integration

  • Process Optimisation programme “Good2Great”

  • Solve charger-related issues before they become a problem


Sometimes the app in unresponsive, sometimes there is no signal. Maybe we’ve lost our RFID. That’s when paying by phone comes in handy.

  • No app, no RFID? No problem!

  • Fully automated process

  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliance

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